While we continually strive to refine our work, we have come to learn that there is no such thing as a perfect picture...only perfect moments.

Our job, which we do not take lightly, is to record those perfect moments for you and your family. Whether it be a sweet glance between a bride and her groom during their first dance, a giggle among girlfriends during dancing or toasts, a tender dance between the matriarch and patriarch of your family...those are moments we simply do not miss.

These are the moments, these precious moments, that tell the story of your celebration. These are the moments that we unobtrusively capture for you throughout your entire day. And, these are the photographs that you will look back at for years to come, with smiles and joy recalling the emotions of your day.

That is our approach, our philosophy and our style...to record your perfect moments for you to enjoy for your lifetime.